How your effluent treatment system gets results

The right effluent treatment system will help you meet your discharge consent conditions, whilst ensuring your chemical treatment processes are as efficient as possible. Let’s look at how it gets the job done…


An effluent treatment system that is working efficiently will reduce your operational costs, with lower water bills, waste disposal costs and trade effluent charges, and less raw materials and product lost in the effluent.

In practice, this means find ways your treatment system can operate more efficiently. This can include reducing the amount of water it uses, optimising your treatment chemistry (see below) and upgrading or replacing your treatment plant.

Industry experts Aqua Advice can assess your effluent treatment system and production processes to identify practical and innovative solutions for your wastewater treatment.  

Correct chemistry

For an effluent treatment system to work at its optimum, it must have the right processes in place to treat the type of wastewater produced by your business.

In order to do this, the characteristics of the wastewater must first be identified, including physical characteristics, chemical composition, pH rating and the presence of biological material.

Aqua Advice will carry out free laboratory trials to ascertain the physical, chemical and biological characteristics.

Once the nature of the wastewater is established the most effective and efficient effluent treatment systems can be identified.

Latest technology

Using the latest techniques and technologies will make sure you have the most efficient and effective wastewater treatment systems in place.

For instance, Aqua Advice has developed a unique and innovative treatment method for molybdenum removal using novel technology: read more about these innovative techniques.

What’s more, it is predicted that in the future treatment plants will increasingly focus on instrumentation, monitoring and automation – all of which can improve your plant’s efficiency.

With compliance for toxic metal removal set to change, it is well worth considering how new technology can be used to treat wastewater more effectively.

Talk to Aqua Advice today to discuss your options.  

Sustainability and your effluent treatment system

As technology evolves, sustainable methods for treating effluent are becoming increasingly important as a way of preserving water supply, minimising energy use and protecting the environment.

From reusing water, to reducing your carbon footprint by installing a combined heat and power system, there are many ways your effluent treatment system can operate more sustainably.

Aqua Advice can deliver bespoke treatment solutions that will minimise your impact on the environment – get in touch to find out more.

Get the right effluent treatment system for your business

If you think your treatment processes could be improved, then contact Aqua Advice today.

With over 30 years in the industry, we have the knowledge and skills to conduct a full operational review of your effluent treatment systems and processes.

Based on our findings, we will identify areas where efficiency can be optimised and offer solutions as to how this can be achieved.

Whether you need an upgrade to your existing treatment systems or require a brand new treatment plant, Aqua Advice can deliver bespoke effluent treatment solutions.

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