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Company Mission

To Innovate waste water solutions, achieving results to meet and exceed our clients expectations.

Our Vision

To remain at the forefront of effluent treatment technology and ensure current and future clients’ needs are met, and their problems solved.

Experience & Knowledge

Andy Dargue is a Chartered Chemist and member of the Royal Society of Chemistry with over 30 years of experience of waste water treatment including chemistry and engineering.

This experience includes operating and trouble shooting on effluent treatment plants in the battery and waste management industry.

Chartered Chemist

Andy has designed effluent treatment chemistry and plants for the following industries:

  • Anodising
  • Metal finishing
  • Electroplating
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical
  • Inks and paints
  • Printed circuits and electronics
  • Food and drinks

Current and past customers include:

  • Royal Mint
  • Specialist Coatings
  • Rimex Metals
  • Olam Foods
  • ZOT Engineering
  • Tradebe
  • Mahle Engineering
  • Venator
  • Synthomer

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Wastewater treatment

We have the wastewater chemical treatment solutions to optimise your water treatment plant and equipment.


A comprehensive range of effluent treatment plant from upgrades of your existing facilities to complete turnkey projects.

Effluent Treatment Consultancy

With over 30 years experience in the treatment of industrial wastewater, your effluent treatment plant will be in safe hands.

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Aqua Advice
Trusted for innovative Solutions in the treatment of industrial wastewater.

“The system solved the problem of sulphates in our effluent. This has allowed us to discharge to sewer meeting our consent to discharge and saving the cost of external tankers.” - Rimex Metals

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