Specialist Coatings Wastewater Treatment Case Study

Specialist Coatings

Specialist coatings and Almit metal finishing are part of the Almit Group of Companies. They are anodisers of aluminium and electroplaters.

The challenge with this project was to produce a modular system that could be expanded, and design an effluent plant for the anodising line with limited information, as the process line was in the early stages of design.

The completed effluent plant combines:

  • Chrome reduction
  • Sulphate removal
  • Heavy metal precipitation

The facility was expanded to include the effluent from the bespoke electroplating line and water recycling.

“We now have an effluent treatment facility that we have confidence in meeting our consent to discharge and saves water with some being re-used.

We received support at every stage of the process and get help and advice when we need it”

Stephen Mitchell, Director
Almit Group Ltd.

Rimex wastewater treatment project


The Rimex Metals Group produces surface finishes on stainless steel and other metals.

The challenge with this project was to produce an effluent plant that could respond to varying levels of contaminants in the effluent, and use as much of the existing plant as was possible.

The upgraded effluent plant included sulphate treatment technology and digital dosing to ensure compliance to consent limits.

“The system solved the problem of sulphates in our effluent. This has allowed Rimex Metals to discharge to sewer meeting our consent to discharge and saving the cost of external tankers.”

Tim Childs, Managing Director
Rimex Metals (UK) Ltd

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