Innovation in Sulphate and Molybdenum Removal

Aqua Advice have developed unique and innovative treatment methods including the use of novel technology for Sulphate and Molybdenum removal.

We have developed a method to remove sulphates from waste water via chemical precipitation and using ultrasound to enable sulphate ions to be removed. The technology was developed with the aid of a DTI grant. The technology is successfully being used on several plants in UK.

The benefits of the technology include:

  • Single stage settlement and dewatering
  • Process does not suffer from limescale
  • Possibility the filter cake can be re-used/recycled
  • Wide range of contaminants removed in addition to sulphate – heavy metals, phosphate and chemical oxygen demand
  • Possibility of re-using the water using reverse osmosis. The membranes won’t foul/scale due to the quality of the water produced by the precipitation reaction.
  • Process is applicable to a wide range of industries and effluents

Molybdenum removal – we developed a treatment method that enabled the molybdenum to be precipitated and other metals to be precipitated at pH of 6.5 so the molybdenum did not go back into solution.

The benefits of the technology include:

  • Single stage settlement and dewatering
  • Chemical precipitation process
  • Molybdenum and Heavy Metals are removed to below consent levels

We're currently working on future developments, including investigating the use of ultrasound to aid reduction in chemical oxygen demand.

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“The system solved the problem of sulphates in our effluent. This has allowed us to discharge to sewer meeting our consent to discharge and saving the cost of external tankers.” - Rimex Metals

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