How wastewater chemical treatment can help the environment

How wastewater chemical treatment can help the environment

Wastewater chemical treatment helps you meet your discharge conditions and can ensure your industrial processes run as efficiently as possible. However, effective wastewater chemical treatment can also reduce your impact on the environment. Let’s take a look…

Why industrial wastewater must be chemically treated

Wastewater produced by industrial processes can contain sludge, oil or grease, organic material, toxic chemicals and harmful heavy metals.

If wastewater containing these pollutants is released into the water system, it can have serious effects on the environment and cause catastrophic damage to our rivers, lakes and oceans.

Effective chemical treatment of wastewater is therefore vitally important.

How wastewater treatment works

Wastewater treatment plants use technological processes to remove pollutants from water before returning it to the water system. These processes include:

  • Filtration
  • Dewatering
  • Dosing
  • pH control

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Reducing your impact on the environment

Businesses in all industries must adhere to their wastewater discharge conditions, which in turn adhere to regulatory requirements set out by the Environment Agency.

By meeting your Discharge Consent conditions, you are doing your part to ensure that the water in rivers, lakes and the ocean is safe and clean.

Reducing water pollution

Wastewater treatment removes contaminants that, if released into open water, could badly damage plants, wildlife and even humans.

Protecting our water supply

Fresh water is an increasingly valuable resource and ensuring we have clean, useable water has never been more important.

Removing dangerous contaminants through chemical treatment will make sure the water you release back into the system is safe for the water supply.  

Sustainable wastewater treatment

As businesses look for ways to be more sustainable, here are some methods of wastewater treatment you could consider:

Reuseable water

Innovative solutions in the wastewater treatment industry mean that wastewater can be reused in a variety of ways, from flushing toilets to industrial cooling.

We now have an effluent treatment facility that we have confidence in meeting our consent to discharge and saves water with some being re-used.” – Stephen Mitchell, Director, Almit Group Ltd (Aqua Advice client)

Reducing your carbon footprint

By adding a combined heat and power system (also known as CHP), wastewater treatment plants can use the biogas produced to create energy. Generating heat and power simultaneously, CHP can reduce carbon emissions by up to 30%, aswell as saving around 20% on energy bills.

Even if adding CHP isn’t feasible for your business, you still make your treatment plant more environmentally friendly by adding energy efficient equipment.

Looking to the future

The wastewater treatment industry is always evolving, with experts like Aqua Advice developing more efficient ways for wastewater treatment.

As technology evolves, wastewater chemical treatment facilities will find new ways to help minimize the environmental impacts of industry, preserving the water supply and protecting health.

Innovative wastewater chemical treatment solutions from Aqua Advice

With over 30 years in the wastewater chemical treatment industry, Aqua Advice can deliver bespoke treatment solutions that will minimise your impact on the environment and make sure your plant is running as efficiently as possible.

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