How an effluent treatment plant can save your business money

How an effluent treatment plant can save your business money.

An effluent treatment plant will benefit your business in many ways, including discharge consent compliance and reducing your environmental impact, but did you know that it can also save you money? We take a look at how…

Money down the drain: effluent treatment plants and waste reduction

Wastewater effluent is just that: a waste. It is a waste of the valuable water and materials that are lost in it, a waste of the production time and a waste of the money to not only treat it but also to clean it up should anything go wrong. 

Simply put, effluent costs more to produce than it does to treat. 

If your business wants to make savings, then it should first reduce the amount of effluent it produces. This is where your treatment plant can help. 

Ensuring your effluent treatment plant is running efficiently

Industry experts Aqua Advice can assess your effluent treatment plant and production process to identify practical and innovative solutions for producing less wastewater. 

These can include reducing the amount of water you use, optimising your treatment chemistry and upgrading or replacing your treatment plant. 

Day to day savings for your business

Waste reduction will mean your treatment plant is cheaper to run because there is less effluent to treat. 

Furthermore, it will reduce your operational costs, with lower water bills, waste disposal costs and trade effluent charges, and less raw materials and product lost in the effluent. 

Future proofing against non-compliance 

With all businesses now responsible for treating the wastewater they produce, treating your effluent can also help you avoid the risk (and cost) of something going wrong. 

Non-compliance with legislation is a costly business. Failing to meet your discharge conditions can result in fines, legal fees and increased insurance premiums, not to mention the cost of any remedial work following a pollution incident. 

There is also the “invisible” cost of reputation damage to consider:  customers may not want to trade with a company possessing a poor environmental record.

Whilst this isn’t saving you money per se, an effluent treatment plant will go a long way towards preventing such costs being incurred. 

If you are looking to save money, contact Aqua Advice today for advice on the best effluent treatment plant for you.