Why is an effluent treatment plant necessary in business?

In an age when it is not just the Water Authority and Environment Agency that that will bring them to account, all businesses must be totally transparent when it comes to their treatment of waste water.

Businesses are increasingly scrutinised by environmental activists who are quite rightly trying to ensure that everyone takes responsibility for the future of our planet, with businesses expected to consider using an effluent treatment plant. 

Why is an effluent treatment plant necessary in business?

The long term effects of untreated effluent

Perhaps it makes it clearer why it is essential for an effective effluent treatment plant when you look at what could happen if such systems weren’t in place.

Chemicals released from factories from all sectors can have catastrophic effects on plants, animals and humans both on land and in the sea. 

As well as having an immediate impact, some effects of untreated water can take time to show themselves. Toxic soil that can’t grow crops, is an example of this. Similarly people being diagnosed with cancers and other illnesses is another long term effect.

With this in mind, it is easy to ruminate on the devastating effects this could have on the planet and all life. 

Why is an effluent treatment plant necessary in business?

Effluent treatment plants: no longer just a “would like to have”

Most businesses who produce industrial waste water as a result of their manufacturing understand that an effluent treatment plant is imperative. Indeed, it is one of the most crucial elements of the day to day running of an industrial business.

An effluent treatment plant is not a ‘would like to have’ system that becomes part of a company’s wish list. It is as necessary as creating whatever product a company manufactures. 

In addition, an effluent treatment plant reuses and recycles water which is essential for all. Many industries use thousands of gallons of water throughout their processes. If not treated and put back into the system, there could be water shortages especially during Summer months. 

Finding the right industrial treatment plant for your business

Specialist water water consultants can advise on how best to treat the waste water produced by your business. Aqua Advice has over 30 years experience and can offer a range of solutions.

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