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What is the effluent treatment plant and how does it benefit businesses?

Perhaps if we look at how effluent treatment plant benefit businesses, we should define what effluent treatment plant does. Essentially, effluent treatment plant makes water clean and reusable or clean enough to discharge to sewer or water course and it is used across many industries to ensure that any wastewater is effectively cleansed of any…

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Achieving Results with Wastewater Chemical Treatment

Working within wastewater chemical treatment for over 30 years has enabled Andy Dargue, Chartered Chemist and Founder of Aqua Advice to be at the forefront of innovation in wastewater chemical treatment. Here he tells us how processes have evolved to achieve best results across the industry with insights into the benefits an effluent treatment plant…

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Successful laboratory trials secure project to upgrade effluent plant

After successful laboratory trials Aqua Advice are pleased to announce that we have received the purchase order to upgrade the effluent plant of Heat exchanger manufacturer’s effluent  plant to allow it to meet consent by removing molybdenum and nickel at the same pH. The solution was to use ferric chloride precipitation in conjunction with Clearflo…

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