Aqua Advice announce joint collaboration to produce automatic dosing & monitoring systems.

Aqua advice are pleased to announce they have entered into a joint collaboration with ATI and Sera Dosing UK to produce automatic dosing and monitoring systems.

The systems will have the benefits of ATI’s gas detection and water quality monitors combined with the dosing capabilities of Sera Dosing UK. These units will not only provide industry with a dosing solution but this will have additional features configurable by the client including:

  • Data logging
  • Alarm conditions
  • Telemetry
  • Monitoring of chemical usage
  • Remote support and trouble shooting on equipment and process

As part of this collaboration we have started trials with a system to monitor and dose metal precipitants. Metal precipitants remove heavy metals from water but up and till now there has been no cost effective method for monitoring and controlling the dosing rates automatically. So users have had to rely on spot samples taken to a laboratory for testing.

Metal precipitation controller

We will update progress on this unit as the trials continue. For further information please contact us.