Achieving Results with Wastewater Chemical Treatment

Working within wastewater chemical treatment for over 30 years has enabled Andy Dargue, Chartered Chemist and Founder of Aqua Advice to be at the forefront of innovation in wastewater chemical treatment.

Here he tells us how processes have evolved to achieve best results across the industry with insights into the benefits an effluent treatment plant can have in different sectors.

Here in the UK, we are at the forefront of wastewater chemical treatment and the processes we employ in the treatment of industrial wastewater can be selected according to different industries using bespoke effluent treatment plant adapted for varying needs.

With help from a DTI Grant, Aqua Advice have even been able to develop our own effluent treatment method for sulphate and molybdenum removal which we are delighted to have implemented across several effluent treatment plant across the UK. This is currently being used in the metal finishing and electroplating industries.

Wastewater Chemical Treatment

Wastewater Chemical Treatment – A Tailored Approach
A tailored approach is most definitely key to achieving optimum results and we install effective effluent treatment solutions across many industries to eliminate by-product from manufacture including food and drink, aerospace, automotive and the electroplating industry.

Environmental Benefits
Our knowledge and heritage ensures the best results,  working alongside companies to understand the treatment of industrial wastewater required and subsequently develop an effluent treatment plant system that not only eliminates wastewater but also helps to reduce the amount of water used thus impacting the environment in a more positive way.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all wastewater chemical treatment as there are so many factors involved and to achieve best results for clients we want to provide them with a sustainable effluent treatment plant and that means one that is efficient and one that has an positive effect on other aspects of their business and as a consequence the environment.

Innovation for Cost Efficiency
For example, we worked with Rimex Metals UK (Ltd) and the new effluent treatment plant installed by Aqua Advice has allowed the company to discharge to sewer meeting their consent to discharge. It has also saved them the cost of external tankers.

As innovations continue to evolve in wastewater chemical treatment, Aqua Advice are best placed to achieve cost-effective solutions delivering the best possible results for their clients and their effluent treatment targets.