Understanding the Treatment of Industrial Wastewater

Most industries produce waste water and as we seek to become more environmentally friendly, companies are looking to reduce the amount of industrial wastewater they produce or to recycle the wastewater via wastewater treatment during production. To understand the importance in the broadest sense; wastewater chemical treatment must take place to protect our rivers, oceans, animals and humans. Left untreated the environmental impact could in some cases be devastating.

Perhaps to understand the treatment of industrial wastewater, we need to look at the types of industries that produce wastewater that could if left untreated be ultimately catastrophic for the environment. The food industry, electric power plants, automotive, aerospace, metal finishing and plating are just a few of the industries who need to consider wastewater chemical treatment prior to production. Obviously different industries need to remove different waste and so a bespoke effluent treatment plant is key.

Effluent treatment can be anything from removing solids from wastewater with a clarifier or using a roughing filter to help reduce the biochemical oxygen demand of wastewater. A professional organisation like Aqua Advice can help businesses understand the treatment of industrial wastewater and develop bespoke solutions. As new systems are continuously developed a managed effluent treatment plant will give businesses peace of mind.

Andy Dargue, Manager at Aqua Advice is a chartered chemist with an unparalleled understanding of what varying sectors require especially within the battery and waste management industry. Such is his knowledge, Andy and the team at Aqua Advice have developed their own unique and innovative effluent treatment methods.

Andy said:

‘Understanding industrial wastewater treatment can often be a daunting task for businesses and not only do they need to understand what effluent treatment they need but also keep up to date with best practice. That’s why it’s always better to consult with specialists who can develop effluent treatment plant designed for you that is also always in line with current protocol.’