Industrial wastewater: facing the challenges

Every business is responsible for treating the industrial wastewater it produces. However, ensuring you have the right systems in place for this to be done optimally can be difficult. 

Luckily, there is help at hand. Industrial wastewater treatment experts Aqua Advice have the experience, knowledge and skills to assess and implement the treatment needs of any business, big or small.

Finding flexible solutions to complex problems

Identifying the right treatment plant for industrial wastewater isn’t always simple. A bespoke system may be required to meet a business’s specific needs. 

Specialist Coatings and Almit Metal Finishing, for example, required a modular system that could be expanded when required. It also needed to work effectively with a new electroplating line, itself still in the early stages of development. 

Aqua Advice was able to design a bespoke effluent treatment system based on these criteria. The completed treatment plant combined the processes needed to treat the specific wastewater involved. It was also expanded to include effluent from the new processing line. 

Developing innovative treatment methods for industrial wastewater

For a treatment plant to work at its optimal level, consideration must be given to the type of chemical effluent being treated. Sometimes an innovative approach is needed. 

Aqua Advice has developed novel technology for the removal of sulphates from industrial wastewater using chemical precipitation and ultrasound. 

Furthermore, Aqua Advice is able to utilize this technology when optimising wastewater treatment plants. 

Rimex, for example, had varying levels of contaminants in its effluent. Tasked with upgrading the treatment plant, Aqua Advice included sulphate treatment technology. This not only solved the problem of sulphates in the effluent but also allowed the plant to run more cost effectively. Additionally, it ensured that Rimex complied with its consent limits

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