Good Practices in Effluent Treatment for Metal Industries

Effluent treatment for metal industries is crucial as the effluent will have lots of different pollutants including metal of course but also could include cleaners, solids, sulphates and cyanide residues and so on. These all require Effluent Treatment before being eliminated into waste water channels. It’s not just the number of different pollutants that vary but the number of industries that also produce heavy metal waste are diverse.

At Aqua Advice, we are able to create effluent treatment plant for lots of industries including the chemical industry, photography industry, waste disposal, electroplating sector and food production factories to name just a few.

Effluent from metal industries is not only disastrous for our environment in the long term, untreated effluent can also cause huge damage to sewage plants resulting in damaged treatment beds and ultimately polluted water.

Therefore, if you operate an effluent treatment plant at your company you need to find out if you need a Pollution Prevention Control (PPC) permit or a waste management licence. If you do require either of these you must comply with the conditions set out or face fines or even prison. Aqua Advice can advise what practices must be in place when installing an efficient Effluent Treatment Plant to ensure that your company is adhering to the tougher legislation that has been introduced.

There are many elements that make up Good Practice when it comes to the treatment of industrial wastewater with the obvious ones being reducing the amount of waste you produce in the first place as well as assessing how much water your business uses in the elimination of waste.

One thing that we carry out during our effluent treatment as part of good practice is to carefully control the pH levels of your metal waste to prevent any metals being reabsorbed into the effluent. pH levels must be kept above neutral, typically pH 9-10 as possible to prevent this from happening.

There many different methods and products that we employ when designing bespoke effluent treatment plant as it is never really a one-size fits all approach. With 30 years experience in wastewater treatment we can assess which methods will work for your business to ensure you are eliminating effluent cost-effectively and most importantly safely.