Effluent Treatment Plant – What do you need to know?

So you know that the treatment of industrial water generated by your business is imperative but how does that process get implemented? And when wastewater chemical treatment is put into operation, how do you manage it alongside the day to day running of your business?

An effluent treatment plant is an effective system developed by specialists to not only help manage your effluent treatment but to also fit seamlessly into your operations.

You may already have an effluent treatment plant in place but with the emphasis on environmental issues you may be unsure if your wastewater chemical treatment is as effective and efficient as it should be.

Employing specialists like Aqua Advice will allow you to see where upgrades can be made to your existing effluent treatment plant.

As there are so many elements that make up an effective effluent treatment plant, your specialist will carry out a full assessment and advise on various factors such as filtration systems, pH control and dosing. Your current effluent treatment plant may just need tweaking to become more cost-effective and successful or you may need a full effluent treatment plant installing.

Aqua Advice offer complete turnkey projects so that your fully operational effluent treatment plant is delivered and installed and ready to function. By listening to a client’s needs, the team at Aqua Advice are able to deliver effluent treatment plant that can be easily managed by in-house staff trained by Aqua Advice.

The different factors to be considered can be overwhelming and therefore Aqua Advice also offer a pilot plant for hire which includes treatment tank, dosing module, lamella settler, ultrasonic reactor and filter press.