How effluent treatment plant suppliers find the right treatment solutions

Effluent treatment plant suppliers

Effluent treatment plant suppliers like Aqua Advice are key to ensuring you have the correct treatment plant for your business. Here’s how…

Why an effluent treatment plant is needed

All businesses are responsible for treating the wastewater they produce, ensuring that what they release back into the UK’s water systems is free from toxic and hazardous materials.

An effluent treatment plant will help you avoid the costly risk of something going wrong, ensuring discharge consent compliance and reducing your environmental impact.

What’s more, an effluent treatment plant will ensure you have treatment systems in place to help reduce waste: reducing your operational costs, with lower water bills, waste disposal costs and trade effluent charges, and less raw materials and product lost in the effluent.

Types of effluent treatment plant

There are many different types of industrial effluent treatment plants, which can be broadly broken down into four levels:

Preliminary level

Systems of this kind use physical processes to remove solid waste from the effluent.

Primary level

Primary level effluent treatment systems involve the physical processes listed above, with the addition of chemical processes to improve the quality of the wastewater.

Secondary level

Secondary level effluent treatment systems use biological and chemical processes to remove biodegradable organic materials and suspended matter.

Tertiary level

This level uses processes from the previous levels to remove both suspended and dissolved pollutants.

Using a combination of these levels, effluent treatment plant suppliers will install a system to effectively remove hazardous pollutants from your wastewater.

Effluent treatment plant suppliers: identifying the right system for you

With so many treatment plants available, having a system in place that works efficiently and safely is of utmost importance.

Effluent treatment plant suppliers will identify the right system for your business. This will involve assessing the characteristics of the effluent produced by your business and the different physical, chemical and biological processes required to treat it into order for you to meet your discharge consent limits.

Aqua Advice, effluent treatment plant suppliers for over 30 years, will carry out laboratory trials to identify the correct chemistry for free.

Once the correct chemical treatment processes are identified, suppliers will then assess your current plant capacity. It may be the case that by replacing key parts and processes within your plant it can increase its efficiency.

Alternatively, your effluent treatment plant may no longer be fit for purpose. Whether your plant is overloaded or simply too old, a brand new treatment plant will need to be installed. Effluent treatment plant suppliers like Aqua Advice can offer a bespoke or turnkey solution to suit the specific needs your business.

Aqua Advice: 30 years in the effluent treatment business

With over thirty years as an effluent treatment plant supplier, Aqua Advice can carry out a detailed assessment of your existing treatment plant and its chemical processes.

Based on our findings we will recommend one or more of the following: 

  • Opportunities to reduce costs and the amount of wastewater produced
  • Upgrades to your treatment plant to optimise its effectiveness
  • Complete replacement your plant with a bespoke or turnkey system

We can also offer innovative techniques for removing pollutants and digital dosing.

Let effluent treatment plant suppliers Aqua Advice make sure you have the right treatment systems in place: get in touch today.