The effluent treatment experts: what Aqua Advice can offer your business

The effluent treatment experts: what Aqua Advice can offer your business

Do you want to optimise your treatment processes? We have over 30 years’ experience of delivering innovative effluent treatment solutions to a range of industrial clients.

As specialist effluent treatment consultants, we can offer the following:

Detailed assessment of your existing effluent treatment plant

Work with Aqua Advice and we will conduct an operational review of your effluent treatment systems and processes, including:

  • How it they have been performing
  • Whether you have been meeting your discharge conditions
  • Current operational costs

We will identify any areas that could be improved, suggesting ways for optimising your existing effluent treatment plant, or we can design a new treatment plant.

Optimisation of existing treatment chemistry and/or plant

We will ensure you have correct treatment systems in place for the type of effluent produced by your business. This will be achieved by carrying out the following:

Chemical trials:

We can carry out free laboratory trials to ascertain the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of your wastewater, including chemical composition and pH rating.

By establishing these characteristics, the correct effluent treatment processes can be identified.

Mogden formula assessment:

We can establish the volume of solids suspended in the effluent by using this industry-standard formula. This is then used to calculate the amount you will be charged for your trade effluent.

As a result, we can then advise ways to clean up your effluent or reduce the amount you produce, resulting in lower trade effluent charges.

Upgrading or replacing your effluent treatment plant

We will identify areas where efficiency could be improved and it may be the case that you need to replace key parts and processes within your treatment plant.

Aqua Advice has developed innovative techniques for chemical treatment, so upgrades of this sort could be just what you need.

Alternatively, your treatment plant may no longer be fit for purpose. Whether it is overloaded or simply too old, a new treatment plant will need to be installed.

We can advise whether a bespoke or turnkey solution will best suit the specific needs your business.

Treatment plant design

Using CAD drawings, we can design a variety of bespoke effluent treatment plant including:

  • Chemical precipitation
  • Chemical oxidation and reduction
  • Dosing
  • pH correction
  • Coagulation flocculation
  • Settlement systems
  • Filtration systems
  • Dissolved Air Flotation
  • Dewatering systems

What’s more, we also have a pilot plant consisting of treatment tank, dosing module, lamella settler, ultrasonic reactor and filter press which is available for hire.

Ongoing support

Our expertise doesn’t end once your treatment plant has been installed or upgraded. We can provide service visits to deliver both technical and maintenance support.

Additionally, we offer training for site personnel.

“We received support at every stage of the process and get help and advice when we need it”

Stephen Mitchell, Director, Almit Group Ltd

Optimise your effluent treatment systems with Aqua Advice

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